The History of Synthetic Fibers


Synthetic Fibers was formed in 1991 when Noby Nobriga and Rusty Spell were allowed to use John Switzer's keyboard. They created five songs which appeared on a Paradox by 'nikcuS. Originally, Synthetic Fibers was seen as merely an extension of 'nikcuS, and 'nikcuS Productions didn't feel it was unusal to have two bands on one album. It was labeled as 'nikcuS featuring Synthetic Fibers, even though some argued the Synthetic Fiber material was better, and the track listing certainly suggested their importance with "Synthetic Fibers (The Song)" ending the album.

In 1992 with 'nikcuS's Adlibbing, Synthetic Fibers contributed two songs, but these were very short and didn't take up much space on the album.

In 1993 with 'nikcuS's Graduates, Synthetic Fibers again contributed five tracks which took up half the album. The album was still 'nikcuS featuring Synthetic Fibers, but now it really seemed the other way around, especially with the almost eight minute "The Blue Spectre" ending side one and the over eleven minute "Synthetic Fibers (The Song) '93" ending the album.

1994 saw Synthetic Fibers releasing their first album, all new songs only by them. They called it The Album.

In later years, 'nikcuS Productions reevaluated their catalog in ways which confused Synthetic Fibers' role at first, but eventually solidified it. The first thing was that a Paradox (along with Heterogeneous) were declared "unofficial" albums due to the lack of Kevin Young (and the loss of Heterogeneous except for a few songs) and those tracks were put on 'nikcuS's Leftovers I, but not the Synthetic Fibers tracks. However, 'nikcuS Productions made the right move by cleaning up their catalog and separating Synthetic Fibers from 'nikcuS, since everyone realized that--together--they were taking away from each other. The tracks from a Paradox, Adlibbing, and Graduates were put on a Synthetic Fibers called Not The Album along with new songs made in 1997. They called this collection Not The Album.

(As a side note, 'nikcuS's Graduates had to be corrected as well, since the album's material was reduced by half. 'nikcuS took songs from that time period which had originally only been featured on the DUSKBUSTERS! radio show along with a few Leftovers which should have been on the album in the first place, and would have been had it not been for Synthetic Fibers taking up that room. Graduates became a better album because of it.)

Around 1994, Noby Nobriga began creating music for a new solo release called The Noby Nobriga Project. Nobriga worked on this music for over five years, but never got the exact sound he wanted for this project. Spell took this bulk of music in 2000, organized it, edited it, added his own material to it, creating an album with which both Nobriga and Spell were satisfied. However, Nobriga was not satisfied with it as The Noby Nobriga Project, so Spell suggested (since it was a collaborate effort of keyboard music) that it be released as the new Synthetic Fibers album. In 2000, they released it as The New Album.

The pattern for Synthetic Fibers, an enigmatic and quiet group by 'nikcuS Productions standards, seems to be to release music ever three years (1991, 1994, 1997, 2000), so if they follow this pattern, we should be hearing new music in 2003. Until then...

Copyright (c) Nov 2000 Synthetic Fibers and 'nikcuS Productions