Here is where you can find links (or things that used to be links) not created by us which contain 'nikcuS content.


Geek Musique -- Link no longer available.  In the "Operating Systems" section, has a link to our song "load '$',8,1." -- Link no longer available, but formerly said, "Pearl Mississippi joke rockers 'nikcuS play unclassifiable novelty songs. Obviously enamoured with certain aspects of indie and Lo-Fi rock, they create homemade novelty songs that meander along in a variety of styles from acoustic folk to Casio driven new wave." --Tom Heyman

Maureen's Filk Index -- Link no longer available. A page for music described as "filk." Though we're not quite sure what filk is, 'nikcuS is included on the page. They specifically refer to the song "load '$',8,1" when they say: "'nikcuS includes an ode to the Commodore 64. Definite points for geekness!"

The Worst of the Worst -- Link no longer available. We were given the honor of having the "worst of the worst" on honor for our song "Trance Groove '95" and a caption which reads as follows: "Torture Factor = 6. This is what you get when you take one part Music Maker Pro Ver .09, one Part P.M. Dawn, one part hapless white boy and frappé for 4 minutes with a splash of Velveeta™ Brand processed cheese spread. It's the chorus vocals that really put this one into WOTW territory. 'Trance Groove '95' is sure to get some kind of physical reaction from young and old alike."

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