These are not the only 'nikcuS fans in the world, but these are the most noted ones, due to closeness to the band, special circumstances, etc. If you feel you belong on this list, email us with your name and reason why you are so special.

  1. Christy Barrett -- Would gladly allow Satan to pass through her speakers in the early days.
  2. Melanie Beasley -- Liked us up until Rockin' when we lost our funny magic.
  3. Lori Berkemeyer -- Said "Yaw are good" and they haven't been the same since.
  4. Teynaum Bowen -- A member of the first true generation of 'nikcuS Fans.
  5. Lori Burton -- Likes them enough to pick a favorite album, almost died of laughter during "Lonesome Man."
  6. Tommy Burton -- The one true 'nikcuSologist.
  7. Emily Greer -- Enjoyed Heterogeneous so much that she stole it.
  8. Carrie Hoffman -- Has the entire 'nikcuS catalogue in MP3 form.
  9. Eric Jenkins -- Spent at least one week singing "(We're) Livin' on a Prayer."
  10. Clinton Kirby -- Brought 'nikcuS to the radio's attention. Yelled like crazy at live 'nikcuS songs.
  11. Matt Little -- Found hilarity in "I Am the Iron Man" one crazy night.
  12. Liza Marshall -- Once thought that "Understand Me, Understand You" was a "real" song before discovering otherwise.
  13. Amanda Miller -- She likes pigs so much, she must love us. Was forced to hear Graduates on the way to USM.
  14. Jason Pollan -- Guest vocalist, T-shirt wearer, first played 'nikcuS on radio.
  15. Nick Puckett -- A youngster inspired by his symbolic big brothers.
  16. Debi Spell -- Thinks of "Trance Groove '95" as a legitimate song.
  17. "Stuff" -- Also thinks of "Trance Groove '95" as a legitimate song, a radio hit. Still waiting for T-shirt.
  18. John Switzer -- Guest keyboardist, almost convinced boys to do gig.
  19. Kevin Yekitis -- The guy who probably has all of our lost tapes. His sister recognized us at Home Video.

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