'nikcuS Encyclopedia

After months and months of work, we proudly introduce The Young Readers Book of the World 'nikcuS Encyclopedia, Dictionary, and Bestiary. The entries were taken from song lyrics and nothing else, though a little bit of speculation has been employed to try and understand some of the more puzzling words. Due to this limited resource for information--the lyrics--entries which should be larger (such as the members of 'nikcuS themselves) are reduced to only what is said about them in the songs. That sort of information, however, can be found elsewhere, and the main focus of this encyclopedia is on the unfamiliar words, phrases, and characters found in the 'nikcuS world.


The major portion of the encyclopedia is complete, though more research is needed for a more comprehensive version which will include non-lyric portions of the song such as the dialogue between songs. The main focus there will be on character names of the singers and any phrases which may occur. A number of supplements to this encyclopedia is also planned, the first of which being a "motifs" section.

The 'nikcuS universe is large and complex. This encyclopedia is merely meant to let you scratch the beautiful surface.

ain't no dead ["Sweet Mindy"]. A double negative meaning "dead," which in this case means "dead to other lovers" or monogamous.

Alice ["A Love Song (Flo)"]. Alice owned a diner and was the namesake of a television show. Her car was stowed on the day she met Flo and her then-boyfriend.

being majors ["Wish That You Were Me"]. To not be a minor, to be able to perform actions which are restricted by minors.

be me ["Right Now"]. Perhaps an abbreviation for "be with me," it may also mean "to have sex with me."

Betsy Sue ["Betsy Sue and Peggy Sue"]. A woman who a man was in love with, but she eventually got married and he moved on to Peggy Sue.

better blew ["Tell You What To Do (Extended Mix)"]. Probably fellatio.

Bo ["Pig Milkin' Contest"]. After convincing a pig farmer to enter the pig milking contest, Bo became the spokesperson and also helped the farmer dance during the performance.

book ["Tortoise"]. Here, an object that you can "read" or be "in" (as in "read my book" or to be "in my book"), which most likely refers to the body. In these examples, to look at it naked or have sex with it, respectively.

Ben ["Beastiality"]. A small, green frog who was propositioned for sex by a woman named Henrietta.

Betty Sue ["Dead Dog (Doggone)"]. The female name of the once male dog Freddy Boy.

blockin' my ear ["The Harmonica Song"]. An expression, full definition unknown, though it has to do with having sex in a cornfield.

Blues Man, The ["The Blues Man"]. A man who was looking at the narrator of "The Blues Man" while walking down the road, the narrator later revealing or discovering that he, himself, was The Blues Man.

Bob ["Kitchen Appliances"]. A man who wanted to know how to cook pizza.

bout ["Cruisin'"]. Definition unknown, though it has something to do with what you can do to girls when you go on a date.

Box Car Willie ["How Now Brown Cow"]. This man is not to be confused with the singer Box Car Willie. Instead, he is a man who travels to Podunk, probably also known as "Jilly Jill" and any number of others names, since he is only known as Boxcar Willie in a certain part of the hills. He is frustrated with the complacent state of cows.

break down the fort ["Do The Knobby"]. The meaning of this expression is not entirely known, but it is something that you can apparently do while shaking your butt back and forth.

Bronco Bill ["Bronco Bill"]. A man who lives on a large hill, which he enjoys rolling down. He also likes water: lakes and ponds and the bottom of the sea where he visits sea people. The sea people eat his guts, be he claims to have guts to spare, so he continues to let them eat his guts while giving them plankton.

Buford ["The Harmonica Song"]. The best friend of the singer of "The Harmonica Song," who also sings on the song, though he says he can't sing and that's why he usually just picks his nose instead. Buford slept with the singer's wife in the cornfield before the singer married her.

bur ["Cur Dog"]. Definition unknown, probably a nonsense word.

Camille ["Camille"]. The love of the narrator of the song "Camille" whom he met at Sector 17 and took in his ship. After spending one day with the man, she went away, never to be seen by the man again until passing him one day in her space ship, waving. The man saw her again in Sector 1, but she was disguised as a red-head named Rosette. She took the man off to a private room and revealed her true identity, and they were together from then on.

carey ["Beastiality"]. Probably an adjective meaning "full of care."

Cash, Johnny ["She Was a Two Timin' Slut (With a Rose On Her Butt)"]. The singer who gave advice to the singer of "She Was a Two Timin' Slut (With a Rose On Her Butt)" to get rid of the two timer after they saw him at a show.

Cat Daddy G Mama ["(Gonna) See My Lover (Tonight)"]. The harmonica player of "(Gonna) See My Lover (Tonight)," also known as Stevie.

Charles ["Farmer's Blues"]. The guitar player of "Farmer's Blues."

chumito ["Ole"]. A kind of Mexican food.

Country Bob's BBQ and Tackle Shop ["Country Bob's BBQ and Tackle Shop"]. Located next to the "big ol' barn" in the middle of nowhere, this shop specializes in both tackle and BBQ, the latter being unique for allowing the customer to kill the cow himself. The BBQ portion is also known as Country Bob's Backyard BBQ Kitchen.

Cox, Jason ["Dead Dog (Doggone)"; "Leah (Another Parody)"; "Leah Parody #3"]. Leah's boyfriend who later became her husband.

Cur ["Cur Dog"]. The name given to a man, his dog, a man with teeth's dog, the dog's teeth, and the dog's bone.

cut all blows to the extreme ["Stereotypical Rap Song"]. Rap lingo, probably meaning to ward off any competition.

cut up some lead ["A Night on the Town"; "Farmer's Blues"; "Bad Lovin'"; "Ramoney-Mony"; "Just Like a Woman"]. To have sex. May also be shortened to "cut lead" or changed to "cuttin' up lead" or any other variation.

do love ["Rockin' Baby"]. To "do love," or to have sex.

doop ["Chicken Strut Your Stuff"]. To have sex, though usually used as a noun, to "do your doop."

dunky ["I'm Funky (Funkin' Around)"]. Something that can be funky, unlike a monkey.

Equalizer, The ["The Equalizer"]. A cop and private detective who is popular because of his ability to take care of crime, often by shooting them down, usually with the assistance of citizen informants.

Far ["Need a Cow"]. A place where you can buy a pig.

Fine ["The Ballad of Swinigin"]. The land where Swinigin McGoots lived.

fliv me a flirl ["Two Timin' Slut (With a Rose On Her Butt)"]. A phrase probably meaning someone who two-times.

Flo ["A Love Song (Flo)"]. Flo was the only love of a man who met her one day when they were both walking down the street. They saw a girl named Alice with her car stowed, and helped her out. They found out that Alice owned a diner, a place where a man named Mel also worked. Mel became the man's friend and poker buddy, a fellow cigar-smoker. However, Flo left all her friends, the diner, the show (the television show Alice, though some of the facts are different, such as Alice being a waitress and not the owner of the diner), and the man himself. The man wrote the song "A Love Song (Flo)" in order to coax Flo into coming back to him.

Freddy ["Carpet"]. Refers to Freddy Krueger of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, though it is simply one of the vocal guises the rapper takes in the song "Carpet."

Freddy Boy ["Dead Dog (Doggone)"]. A male dog who turned into a female and became Betty Sue. The now-female female Betty Sue had puppies with a male dog, but when she tried to have sex with a female bulldog, the bulldog tore its head off and killed Betty Sue.

freud ["She Was Seventeen (She Was Older Than Me)"; "I Like To Eat Food"]. Pronounced frood, it is a word which seems to mean "guy," but probably actually a guy who you don't like especially well.

Funky Man, The ["I'm Funky (Funkin' Around)"]. A man who is famous for being funky.

gaggin' ["Baby"]. Perhaps meant as regular gagging or choking, though true definition of this context is unknown, probably to hang out, possibly to have sex.

Galoob ["How Now Brown Cow (Remake)"]. A toy company which Rusty claimed 'nikcuS was under.

galorshes ["Galorshes"]. Hick pronunciation of galoshes.

get in my hair ["A Night on the Town"]. An expression meaning to have sex, referring to pubic hair.

get on the trout ["Slash's Love Song"]. Definition unknown, though it is apparently something done while headbanging. It perhaps is an expression meaning to have sex.

go on the head ["Dead Dog (Doggone)"]. To have sex.

goots ["The Ballad of Swinigin"]. Testicles.

groat ["Grungy Grungy Grungy"; "Shotgun!"]. A bad person. A lower form than a freud.

grouse ["A Night on the Town"]. A word probably meaning to have sex.

grunge ["Grungy Grungy Grungy"]. A verb meaning "to perform grungy actions," such as fighting, getting in the mud, kicking heads, spitting down necks, biting off heads, watching TV, and having sex.

Guy ["She Was Seventeen (She Was Older Than Me)"]. The man who married Phil's old girlfriend.

Henrietta ["Beastiality"]. Rusty's neighbor who wanted to have sex with a frog named Ben.

Holly ["Holly"]. The subject of the song "Holly."

hoof-n-aegle ["There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Hoof-n-Aegle"]. Though no was has confirmed exactly what a hoof-n-aegle is, we know of one story involving an old woman who swallowed a hoof-n-aegle. The woman, after swallowing, said "Hoof," after which a man walked up to her and asked how she was doing. She answered that she was doing fine and both walked away from each other, but the man knew things were not fine because he was aware that she had swallowed a hoof-n-aegle. Next, a little girl asked the woman directly if she knew that she had swallowed a hoof-n-aegle, but we don't know what the woman's response to the little girl was. Sometimes the word is divided into two separate words, hoof and aegle.

Iron Man ["I Am the Iron Man"]. The Iron Man drives his Porsche over squirrels, then eats them by biting their heads off. He also does this for chipmunks.

Jaimee ["Jaimee"]. A big-breasted woman who left her small hometown of Pearl, and her lover there, for the big city, a new lover, and his money.

Jason. See Pollan, Jason or Cox, Jason.

Jilly Jill ["How Now Brown Cow"]. Either an alternate name of Boxcar Willie or an expression he uses.

Jimminy Spreet ["Galorshes"]. A place where it never rains.

junkin' ["I'm Funky (Funkin' Around)"]. Definition unknown, though it has to do with being funky, and it's something you can do "to town," as in "junkin' to town." Perhaps it means driving a car.

Kevin. See Young, Kevin.

knat ["The Ballad of Swinigin"; "Need a Cow"; "We're the Ones ('nikcuS)"]. A handkerchief a woman gives to her lover.

Knobby, The ["Do The Knobby"; "Do The Knobby II"]. A dance invented by Noby Nobriga (Knobby being one of his nicknames) which is typically done on a stage, perhaps even at the circus. The instructions for how to do the dance are as follows: Move your hands quickly in opposite directions. Shake your butt back and forth. Take steps to your left and right. Walk around in circles, optionally around other dancers. Flap your arms like a bird. Sway your body side to side. Get on your knees, put your hands in the air, and sway back and forth. Clap your hands. Stand up and scream, going wild. Finally, you are instructed to just "be yourself" and dance however you want to, most likely meaning that the first steps were only meant to free you up and allow you to express yourself however you like. (A second version of The Knobby tells you to sit down, sway side to side, and raise your left hand high while saying that you want to rock all night. However, doing this may cause people to want to fight you because you look gay.)

Kyper fauk ["Go Baby"]. An expression meaning something close to hype, derived from the band Kyper.

Lauree ["Lauree"]. A girl who kissed a guy and then left him, making him confused about the nature of their relationship.

Leah ["Leah"; "Leah (The Parody)"; "About Me, Leah"; "Dead Dog (Doggone)"; "Leah (Another Parody)"; "Leah Parody #3"]. The loved subject of Noby Nobriga's infamous classic song "Leah," a song that was parodied by Kevin Young in "Leah (The Parody)." The parody gives more information that the original song, saying that Noby had been writing notes about Leah since sixth grade and that she has a relationship with a man named Jason. She is also addressed in the song "About Me, Leah" and in the introduction to "Dead Dog (Doggone)."  In Rusty Spell's "Leah (Another Parody)," her hair is blonde and her eyes are green, though Rusty admits that his eyes are bad, so he may have the eye color wrong. He also reports that Leah marries Jason and that she held up Fort Knox for her wedding ring. Backtracking and using the voice of Noby, Rusty says that Noby has been wanting Leah since sixth grade, but not doing much about it except writing notes and love songs. After the wedding, Noby -- according to Rusty's narrative -- still wants to go out with Leah, but eventually comes to grips with the situation and lets her go, instead finding a prostitute named Leah. Leah speaks nasally. Noby backs this information up in his own parody, "Leah Parody #3," where he expresses both regret and acceptance.

Leigh, Lauren ["Leah (The Parody)"]. A girl who is hotter than Leah, and who is also a Lesbian.

lig ["Need a Cow"]. Definition unknown, but probably means "desired product," as in the expression "We'll get our lig."

Lily Joy ["Lily Joy"]. The lover of a man who is apparently dying because she broke his heart.

Lonesome Man ["Lonesome Man"]. A man whose name is actually The Lonesome Man, who became famous for being so lonesome. He was alone already -- with no wife, kids, or dog -- but then one day the entire town began reacting to his name by running away from him everywhere he went. They began by running inside their houses when he was around, then ran out of a grocery store he went in, even drove their cars off the side of the road as he drove by and ran into the woods to be away from him. He eventually got a letter to go to a barn dance, but there he found another letter which explained that everyone in the town felt they needed to leave him alone because of his name.

Long Home ["So Far No Good"]. A bar.

Lucky Luke ["Shotgun!"]. A man who was chased, beaten, and almost shot by the sheriff of his town. He managed to escape from the sheriff by sneezing acidic phlegm onto his neck, eventually getting the sheriff's girlfriend, Suzie.

Lucky Stripe ["The Blues Man"]. A brand of cigarettes.

made me a blur ["The Harmonica Song"]. An expression probably meaning to confuse by love.

Mary ["Owner of a Lonely Suck"]. A flirtatious woman who the singer of "Owner of a Lonely Suck" wants to marry.

May ["Carpet"]. Owner of a papier-mâché monkey.

Mel ["A Love Song (Flo)"]. Mel was a poker buddy a cigar-smoking friend of Flo's boyfriend. He worked at the diner with the owner, Alice.

McGoots, Swinigin ["The Ballad of Swinigin"]. A man who lived in the land of Fine and eventually was shot in a field of grass while fighting for his life. He is now buried in rocks of lime. Although the newspapers sometimes gave bad information about him, this is what is known: He had excrement on his boots, but no one seemed much to mind. One day Swinigin helped a large toad carry a heavy load for him and the toad, being grateful for this help, helped him to get new boots. With these boots, he was able to attract females and have sex with many in Fine. In Newtown is where Swinigin died, by the hand of man whose hat Swinigin complimented. Also known as Swinny.

McRoony, Ed ["The Vietnam Song"]. A man who was killed by machine guns in Vietnam.

Mindy. See Sweet Mindy.

Monica ["The Mixing Test"]. The name of Rusty Spell's first harmonica.

Ned ["Five Hours Ahead"]. A man who received a watch for Christmas which he set five hours ahead so that he could wake up five hours early. His wife didn't want him to wake up early, but he got up and went out anyway, eventually setting the watch ten hours ahead so he wouldn't have to wake up at all. Specifics of how this works or his logic unknown.

'nikcuS ["We Are 'nikcuS"; "We're the Ones ('nikcuS)"; "Trance Groove '95"]. A band consisting of Noby Nobriga, Rusty Spell, and Kevin Young. According to the songs in which they mention their own name: They are free, bringing you songs about themselves. They rock at The Place. They are known for singing "How Now Brown Cow," "Pig Milkin' Contest," and "Swinigin McGoots." All the fine girls dig 'nikcuS.

Nobriga, Noby ["The Mixing Test"; "Beastiality"; "Introduction Song"; "We Are 'nikcuS"; "Leah (Another Parody)"; "Leah Parody #3"]. A member of 'nikcuS. According to the songs which mention him: Described by Rusty as being a faggot. Noby's never had an animal because he can't rhyme, even though he likes doggy style and even knew a dog who was into bestiality. He plays bass guitar and other instruments and sings. He did a third parody of "Leah."

Noby. See Nobriga, Noby.

nold ["Cur Dog"]. Definition unknown, though it is something you can blow. Perhaps a nonsensical name for a nose.

pape ["Need a Cow"]. Definition unknown, though it may be an abbreviated form of the word paper as the sky was called "a big ol' pape," perhaps meaning that the sky is a canvas for the art of clouds.

Payne Center ["Treadmill Walkin'"]. A gym where you can treadmill walk.

Pearl ["Jaimee"]. The town Jaimee left in order to live in the big city.

Peggy Sue ["Betsy Sue and Peggy Sue"]. The woman a man fell in love with after his original love, Betsy Sue, got married.

Phil ["She Was Older Than Me (She Was Seventeen)"]. A boy who was in love with a girl when she was seventeen and he was in his early teens. They had a relationship, but she didn't want it known to the public since he was so young, and eventually their relationship died since she was just using him for a fast good time. He mourned the loss of the relationship until he found peace by going to her wedding and commenting to her husband, Guy, that he had her first.

Place, The ["Pump Up the Jam"; "Go Baby"; "We're Gonna Rock!"; "We Are 'nikcuS"; "We're the Ones ('nikcuS)"; "Rockin' Tonite"]. The Place is the club where 'nikcuS customarily plays and records their shows and albums.

Plugged ["We're the Ones ('nikcuS)"]. 'nikcuS's fifth album, from 1995.

Pocket Pal ["The Harmonica Song"]. A cheap brand of harmonicas, intended for children.

Podunk ["How Now Brown Cow"; "My Life"]. Normally a slang word for any small, isolated town (named after two New England towns), it may or may not be a real town where the only thing that exists is cows, as reported by Boxcar Willie.

poke ["Poke You With the Polka"]. A word which can be both a verb meaning to have sex ("to poke") or a noun simply meaning sex (as in "we have poke").

Pollan, Jason ["Beastiality"]. A guest member of 'nikcuS. According to the song he's mentioned in: Jason believes it's a shame that our founding fathers believed in bestiality, himself not even eating animals. He instead wants a big, mean woman, but in the end reconsiders bestiality.

poppy block ["Leah Parody #3"]. Definition unknown. It may either mean a place where you are happy (or at least delusional or out of it, as in a block full of poppies) or a place where you are doomed (as in a mispronunciation of "chopping block").

pound ["Do The Knobby II"]. When used in a sentence like "Same, but with a different pound," the word pound means with a "specificity."

Randy ["My Mississippi Missus"]. Country singer Randy Travis.

reel ["Tell You What To Do (Extended Mix)"]. Probably meaning "to experience."

Rover ["Rover"]. Rover was a dog whose owner is unknown, other than it was a man. He would spend his days doing nothing of consequence, other than having an affection for humping the neighbors' legs, an action which made the neighbors angry. The neighbors eventually took him to the veterinarian to have him neutered, an operation which, in this case, consisted of taking off the penis entirely. Today, Rover longs for his past life and wishes he could find a prostitute.

Rosette ["Camille"]. An alias of Camille.

roughneck ["The Motorcycle Rider"]. A kind of beer bottle, shape unknown.

Rusty. See Spell, Rusty.

save my grief ["Beastiality"]. A phrase used to express when you absolutely will not do something, as in "won't eat an animal to save my grief."

scurl ["Dead Dog (Doggone)"]. To have spasms on the ground.

see on me ["The Blues Man"]. A phrase probably meaning to "see right through" someone, to know them completely.

show ["We're Gonna Rock! Outtakes"]. Someone's privilege, as in "It is your show as to whether you want to or not."

6 Hole ["The 6 Hole"; "Rabbit Stew"; "Pearl Jammin'"]. The usually-overlooked hole after the fifth hole. It has nothing to do with golf.

sixty-nine ["Feed Me Now Now"]. Here, probably referring to the speed limit, going 69 MPH.

skippy dippy ["Skippy Dippy"]. A phrase used to test microphones during sound check.

Sophie May ["Pig Milkin' Contest"]. The pig milker's girl who gave him a kiss when he won first prize.

Spark ["So Far No Good"]. A small dog who couldn't get the singer of "So Far No Good" through his depression.

Spell, Rusty ["Beastiality"; "Introduction Song"; "We Are 'nikcuS"; "We're the Ones ('nikcuS)"; "Leah (Another Parody)"; "Leah Parody #3"]. A member of 'nikcuS. According to the songs he's mentioned in: He believes that if people like to have sex with animals, it's their own problem, not something he'd like to do himself, even though he likes the word bestiality. He sings, plays harmonica, drums, and other instruments. He and Kevin are described by Noby as "the better drummers of the band." He sings and plays guitar on "Leah (Another Parody)."

spow ["How Now Brown Cow"]. Definition unknown, though it is something that a cow has which is terrible according to Boxcar Willie.

Stan ["Owner of a Lonely Suck"]. The owner of a lonely heart's best friend.

stand behind your hide ["Do The Knobby"]. In the instructions for the dance The Knobby, dancers are instructed to never "stand behind [their] hide[s]," though no one has yet been able to figure out how one would do this to begin with. Perhaps hide doesn't mean rear end, but to hide, so that the expression means to not be a "wallflower."

Stevie ["(Gonna) See My Lover (Tonight)"]. The harmonica player of "(Gonna) See My Lover (Tonight)," also known as Cat Daddy G Mama.

stolen ["The Mixing Test"]. Definition unknown. Used in the line "We got a rockin' little stolen with the toms and the toms" which implies a drum set, but this definition is not likely.

Sue ["Victoria's Secret"]. Girlfriend of the man who held up Victoria's Secret, she left him after he tied up the employees at the lingerie store while he nuzzled the products.

Sue (2) ["Victoria's Secret"]. The cashier at Victoria's Secret who married the man who held up her store.

Superchunkin' ["My Guitar String Broke (Short Version)"]. An emphasis word, as in "Superchunkin' fine."

Suzanne ["Trance Groove '95"]. A 'nikcuS groupie.

Suzie ["Shotgun!"]. Lucky Luke's girlfriend who he stole from the sheriff of his town. He sometimes mistakenly calls her "Sally."

Sweet Mindy ["Sweet Mindy"]. A woman who seemed faithful until her lover saw her with another man, she not seeing him, and she lied about it to him later.

takes around ["Understand Me, Understand You"]. Similar to the expression "to take to," it means to "take a liking" to someone, though it may more literally mean to dance with someone.

took up ["Lily Joy"]. An expression perhaps meaning to have sex, though it may only mean to "move on" from one person to another person, or just another lifestyle.

under the door ["Two Timin' Slut (With a Rose On Her Butt)"]. An expression probably meaning to have someone in a bad position, to have someone under the door.

vodka tank ["Harmonica Jam"]. A place to get gin.

Waterbelly ["Waterbelly"]. A creature with water for a belly, often mistaken for a children's swimming pool.

went out on me ["Wish That You Were Me"]. To have sex with, past tense of "go out on me."

Wilson and Lowe ["Cruisin'"]. A mistake, since it should be Wilson and Love, referring to Beach Boys Brian Wilson and Mike Love.

WROK ["Baby, Baby and Rock and Roll"]. A rock and roll radio station.

Young, Kevin ["The Mixing Test"; "Introduction Song"; "We Are 'nikcuS"; "Come On, Kevin Young"; "Leah Parody #3"]. A member of 'nikcuS. According to the songs he's mentioned in: Described by Rusty as being a faggot. He plays the drums, keyboard, and other instruments. He and Rusty are described by Noby as "the better drummers of the band." Kevin sings less than any of the members, not singing a legitimate song since the first album in 1990.

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