'nikcuS is partially known for doing askew covers of many types of songs. This is a list of them (there are more, actually, if you count quoting musical motifs in original songs):

  1. Archie Bell and the Drells: The Tighten-Up (Carpenter's Tighten-Up)
  2. Black Sabbath: Iron Man (I Am the Iron Man)
  3. Bon Jovi: Living on a Prayer ((We're) Livin' on a Prayer)
  4. The Clique: Superman (I Am Superman)
  5. Danny Boy (Lily Joy)
  6. Carl Douglas: Kung Fu Fighting (Treadmill Walking)
  7. Give Me That Old Time Religion (Old Time Religion)
  8. Harold Faltermeyer: Axel F (Old Time Religion)
  9. Human Drama: I Bleed for You (I Bleed for You (Reprise))
  10. The Kingsmen: Louie Louie (The Louie Tune)
  11. Madonna: Material World (Bill Clinton World)
  12. Manfred Mann: Do Wa Diddy (Do-Wa-Diddy?)
  13. Elvis Presley: His Latest Flame (Elvis Screw, Etc.)
  14. R.E.M.: Strange Currencies (Very Strange Currencies)
  15. The Righteous Brothers: You Lost That Loving Feeling (You Really Lost That Lovin' Feelin')
  16. Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Rover; Rover Instrumental)
  17. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Grandma's Song)
  18. Ton Loc: Wild Thing (Wild Thang)
  19. Andrew Lloyd Webber: Love Changes Everything (Love Changes (Most) Everything)
  20. Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Phantom of the Opera (The Phantom of the Garage)
  21. Weezer: Jamie (Jaime)
  22. John Williams: Superman Theme (I Am Superman)
  23. Yes: Owner of a Lonely Heart (Owner of a Lonely Suck)
  24. The Young Rascals: Good Lovin' (Bad Lovin')

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