The DNS Legacy

DNS -- We ain't tellin' y'all what DNS stands for. Just know that it's the best rap band makin' music today.


MC Noby Dick -- This is the hard head cheese of DNS. He mostly raps, but he also does the drum machine and keyboard sounds for y'all. He's pretty fancy at the mic and records it all good. Talk to MC, he's a member of the gang the bang the bang, he's the lyrical master, and that's better than the lyrical Jesse James.

DJ Rus -- This is the main beat-dropper of DNS. He mostly does the drum machine for his main man MC Noby Dick, but he also does his own freestyle rappin', keyboardin', as well as lots of studio jive to bring out the wrekkos.

We Did It Anyway -- This is the name of our first record.

The One -- DNS got the One. That don't just mean we #1, though it means that too. It means we can't be beat by nobody, and much more deep stuff we can't explain. Rap.

MFCSGSPGAT -- This is what we is, and if you don't know what it stands for, you ain't down with us. It's what we live by.

Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer -- These are the mans, the leader Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer and his music boy, MC Rhythm.

The Dukes -- This is our arch-nemesis. They the dark side. We hate the Dukes!

The Man -- The only one worse than the Dukes. The Man is anyone who puts us down, whether it's our own record company or any other whitey. We down on whitey even though he's the one that bought the cassette.

1991, 1995, 1997 -- The three most important years of our lives. 1991 was when Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer came out and blew us away, 1995 was when we began recording the music, and 1997 is when we put it out.

Chicken Pie -- We like the chicken pie: the breast and thigh, the chicken pie, the legs and wings, we want a piece of chicken pie! Some folks eat a doo doo pie, but they nasty.

Hockey Stick -- We got a hockey stick. Is he a hockey stick or MC Noby Dick?

'nikcuS Productions -- These are the crackers who didn't want us to exist, but we did it anyway, and they had to recognize.

Love and Letters Studios -- This is where DJ Rus collected the 1995 recordings, dropped some new ones for 1997, and put together the first album.

The Benjamins -- This is what it's all about. You know that for true.

The 9 -- The Dukes pull this out when they wanna cap one of us.

Nigga -- Our word, don't y'all crackers use it.

Lisa Loeb -- A groovy babe who rapped out a good song with "Stay." We calls her Lisa Lisa.

The Unknown Rapper -- A mystery dude, a fan of DNS, he sings with us 'casional.

Skippy Dikky -- Whoah! What was that?

The Ghetto -- It be hard in the ghetto. Also in the hood.

Baby Got Back -- All keyboard sounds are based around this bass line.

Whoomp! DNS -- They ripped us off with that other song.

IBM -- We don't use The Mac. What's up with the IBM?

R2D2 -- A pretty cool little cracker robot who makes noises we dig the most. We ain't like C3PO cause he's a fruity nut cake.

Jonzun Crew -- Inspirational old school rappers.

Run-DMC -- This is about as new as we get, even though we also like to say the word "Mike D."

My D -- This is what the chicks hop on.

Jed -- An old white cracker.

Cheerleaders -- We like them skirts and bloomers.

Hos -- We have no love for hos. We out the do'.

Sarah, Melanie, Vicki, Liza, Nyleva -- Our main fly girls.

Up and Down -- Where we kick it.

Copyright (c) Nov 2000 DNS and 'nikcuS Productions