'nikcuS Productions was founded in 1990 by Noby Nobriga, Rusty Spell, and Kevin Young and has gone on to produce several bands, including those from the sub-labels, Love and Letters Music, Amor Musica, and Fair Shadow Productions.


Synthetic Fibers
Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer
Rusty Spell
The Naked Donnas
Yo! Mahma
The Mnemonic Devices
The Noby Nobriga Project
The Ka-9's
Tommy Burton
The Immaculate Conceptions
Robert Brenton
DJ Rus
Wite Trazsh Bratts
The Strawberry Explosion
14 Lives

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Newest Releases

The Mnemonic Devices: 100,000 Lightning Bugs (11 Apr 2011)
Rusty Spell: The Golem (24 Oct 2007)
Rusty Spell: Part of This Was Always Here (13 Sep 2007)
The Strawberry Explosion: "That Boy" (22 Apr 2006)
The Strawberry Explosion: "My Humps" (14 Mar 2006)
Love and Letters Music: Love and Letters 10 (10 Dec 2005)

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